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Do's and Don'ts for Place Cards

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

DO… Consider the environment. Are you holding an outdoor reception? Ensure your materials won’t blow away or be damaged by the elements.

DON’T… Get too busy. You want your cards to be legible and easy for your guests and catering staff to read. This is definitely where you want to keep things simple.

DO… Keep fonts cohesive with the rest of the signage. You want your wedding to flow, so ensure all of your vendors are able to communicate about their designs.

DON’T… Wait until the last minute to choose your seating-related vendors. Start communication early to establish a clear timeline of when you need to provide vendors with your guest list and seating plan.

DO… Think of subtle, clear ways to highlight what meal each guest has selected on your cards. This will allow you to create a code for your catering staff. Some of my favourite ways to indicate meal choices are: attaching different coloured ribbons, using different shaped cards, or placing different symbols after the name.

DON’T… Get too busy with your code. You’ll want your place cards to look cohesive, so the variability between them should be discrete upon first glance.

DO… Keep a master list of your meal choice code and ensure each catering staff is able to access a copy.

DON’T… Skip out on place cards. Place cards may seem like a headache, but they help make the dinner experience much easier for guests and catering staff. Taking the choice out of seating means less stress for your guests (and less guarding of seats!). And if a meal choice is communicated properly on a card, it prevents servers from interrupting conversations to ask who ordered the fish.

All in all… Find yourself a vendor that works with you to design a place card scheme that matches your design and communicates the perfect code for your caterer.

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